We have arrived in Volkmardorf, after all. Together with a some migrants we „picked up“ the old piano and 1001 books (literally so) and moved to Volkmarsdorf. While still unpacking our things, three lokal Teens – the kind you might have meet in one of Mark Twain’s stories – ambled into our „shop“. „Everyone welcome, or what?“ they wanted to know. With a cautious nod I confirmed the question: „Yes“.

That’s the way we plan to work here – open to everyone, building bridges – from here to there. That is why we named our office „The bridge“. Building bridges is programmatic for us. We want to build bridges between Locals and Migrants as well as between Christians and Non-Christians. Strictly spoken we want to become tools, used by Jesus – who is the sole Bridge between God and humans.

Is it not a great thing that we did not need to cross unto the other bank, but that people are coming to our side, already? That’s how it went with the three young guys from Volkmarsdorf: we immediately practiced our skills at bridge-building: right in the middle of the chaos, caused by our not yet ordered things, we built up the table-soccer-set, and went for a game. „Hey, God’s here, too“ – one of them giggled and pointed towards the statue of Jesus, which is standing right in the middle of our room. „Do you believe in God“ – I am getting a warm feeling and goose-bumps – is the next question. Volkmarsdorf beats all my expectations as a Missionary.

The first three days in Volkmarsdorf continued along the same line. The next morning three elderly gentlemen stood in front of our door, having a conversation in Russian about the possible purpose of our work. Shortly afterwards, someone passes our doors. „I’ll be back“, he tells me, after explaining at length that – also being baptized – he is totally ignorant about the Christian faith.

We’ll be away for a week now, but I can’t wait for really getting started in Volkmarsdorf ! This is a real mission-project, reaching out to those to whom Christianity has – so far – been a closed book.

Everyone is welcome, indeed !

Missionary Hugo Gevers

*Volkmarsdorf is a suburb of Leipzig, Germany. 75% of the children here live on welfare-money.

Translation RZ